2004 – James Bartlett and Terence Nance started a creative collective / production company / T-shirt brand called THE FLY MOVEMENT


2005 – Terence and James met Raquel Wilson and Rolando Brown who had themselves started a created collective called THE PARALLEL MOVEMENT. Interests and spirits were aligned so the group decided to unite under the name Parallel Movement which was then a creative collective with several tentacles.


2006 – Terence, James, and Raquel aligned with Michael Cordero who came into the fold of Parallel working as a designer, filmmaker, and event producer.


2006 – 2012 – The movement came into contact with Blitz the Ambassador, who in collaboration with James and Terence created Embassy MVMT which for a time focused on releasing the music of Blitz and a selection of musicians from the diaspora.


2006 – 2015 – Parallel movement was re-branded as simply MVMT a creative collective that housed mainly the film production work of media MVMT and the music production work of Embassy MVMT. During this time several films, music videos, albums and EP’s were released.


2008 – 2015 – Chanelle Aponte Pearson came aboard in an official capacity to run the operations of Media MVMT a film production company responsible for An Oversimplification of Her Beauty (produced by Pearson), and 195 Lewis (written and directed by Pearson) to name a few. Terence and Chanelle became the sole principals of this company as James had just been appointed Executive Director of MoCADA and the other former partners focused on other exciting creative interests.


2015 – present day – To hone in on our overall mission we decided to re-brand media MVMT as simply MVMT. In it’s present iteration we focus solely on film, tv, and new media production.