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Random Acts of Flyness

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Created by Terence Nance

Made in collaboration with Jamund Washington, Nuotama Bodomo, Naima Ramos-Chapman, Nelson Nance, Shaka King, Mariana Diallo and Darius Clark Monroe

Produced by Tamir Muhammad, Kishori Rajan, Kelley Robins-Hicks, and Jamie Washington 

MVMT’s Random Acts of Flyness is the kind of television series that breaks the mold of what we think television is and can be, especially televisual blackness. The series brilliantly assembles black sonic, visual, and literary worlds into a 21st century cut ‘n’ mix black aesthetic of absurdity, critique, affirmation, and fun—perfectly suited to explore black vulnerability, violence, death, racism, body politics, transsexual and gender nonconformity, women’s health and safety, and masculinity, routed through black love and black face. Most importantly, it does so without a preoccupation with white gaze or desire. The series was created by Terence Nance and premiered August of 2018 on HBO.

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