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18 Black Girls/Boys Ages 1-18 Who Have Arrived at the Singularity and are Thus Spiritual Machines: $1 in an edition of $97 Quadrillion

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Ongoing performative practice by Terence Nance, Norvis Junior and revolving collaborators

Nance investigates the predispositions of our culture and media by taking audiences through a tour of the ways that various narratives of black youth, beginning with age one and progressing through year eighteen, are presented via simple Internet search functions. Using Google’s autocomplete algorithms and responding to audience feedback, Nance’s project presents a virtual self-portrait of our society that reflects our biases and norms back to us. With a collaborative live music score with Nelson Bandela, personal digressions, improvisation, and chance, Nance’s presentations are at turns heartwarming, heartbreaking, and insightful throughout.

Watch documentation of performances on  Vimeo